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This review is based on my personal experiences with Northside Collision of central NY, their staff, the quality of the repair, and the service we received from this year.

My Experience With Northside’s Service

We had an accident in East Syracuse after running into a truck ahead of us at relatively slow speed. Unfortunately, the damage was over $3,000 and considering it was a luxury vehicle, we knew the only option was to repair it right the first time as resale value was a big concern considering the make and model. We didn’t know there were other Northside Collision reviews online at the time we hit the other vehicle because our first concern was finding a repair shop we felt good about going to.

Our first thought was to go to Romano in Fayetteville, where we bought our car, however Geico suggested we try Northside Collision. We only had a few minutes to decide if we wanted our car repaired at Northside or to take it to Romano. We decided to try Northside.

Our First Impression
All we can say is wow! From the moment we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Brian and Sarah (our Geico representative) who helped use get our loaner vehicle squared away. From then, we were told around a week give or take a few days because they had to order the hood from Mercedes in Germany apparently and that would take longer as there are no aftermarket parts for Mercedes-Benz.

One Week Later
Once we came back for our car, we were shocked because it looked brand new. I have to say that I was looking for the slightest detail, especially in the hood/front bumper area, and the car looked mint. Gary and his team really know how a lot about Syracuse auto body and collision repair. I suppose that makes sense since he’s been doing it for almost 40 years!

Final Thoughts
We were absolutely recommend them and hope this this review was helpful. We know that there are plenty of other people out there and there are several choices for auto body repair in Syracuse, but considering our personal experiences, we can say we recommend Gary Bell and Northside Collision 100% based on our experience and how good the car looks after the repair.  Thanks Gary!

For more reviews, visit You can also watch the video below of other satisfied customers.


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